How Do You Pay For Your
Child’s College and Still Afford Your Retirement?

Are You Stressed Out Trying To Pay for Your Child’s College and Still Afford Your Retirement?

As A Fee Only Raleigh Financial Planner, We Help College-Bound Families Choose Smart Options For College & Retirement. 

  • PCollege Funding Guidance for School Selection + Affordability
  • PRetirement & Investment Management for Your Long Term Goals
  • P Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Step Financial Coaching for a Peaceful Future
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We are open and here to help you in these challenging times. Any meetings requested/scheduled can be conducted via phone or virtually via Zoom.

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Funding Your Children’s Education While Planning Your Own Retirement Is A Balancing Act

We Help Families & Individuals Manage Their Wealth and Create Financial Plans For Success

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College Funding

Our client relationships often begin when families realize they don’t have a plan in place to pay for college. We help our clients increase affordability by making the most of school selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and using their own savings and income.
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Retirement Management

It’s often hard to think about your own retirement when you’re staring down the barrel of four years of tuition and housing expenses. Once we have established a college funding plan, we turn to your retirement goals. Together we’ll create a plan that helps you prepare for the retirement you want.
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Investment Management

Did you know human beings are twice as concerned about avoiding losses than they are about achieving potential gains?  This is why humans tend to sabotage their own investing.  We utilize active and passive investment strategies with an emphasis on risk to help you understand how your portfolio may do in various market conditions. We help guide you with management of both your 401k/403b and custodied assets.
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Financial Coaching

If you want to win with money, you need a plan that works. Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps work because it is a clear path to know where you are and where you are headed next. It is not a simple fix to making you wealthy, but we believe as we guide you and you follow each step in order with great focus and intentionality it will change your life.
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How It Works

As A Fee-Only Raleigh Financial Planner, My goal is to give you a clear understanding of your current financial status along with plan to serve as a solid foundation moving forward into the future.

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  • Establish measurable financial goals
  • Build your financial plan or Investment Strategy together
  • Finalize saving strategies


  • Confirm plan action items
  • Review & track goal progress
  • Investment Check In(See Sample Picture)
  • Adjust plan as your situation evolves

Helpful Financial Planning Tips

Our blog is filled with smart financial strategies to help you build a solid foundation moving forward into the future.

How Do You Create a Retirement “Paycheck?”

How Do You Create a Retirement “Paycheck?”

“How do I get my money out of my retirement plan and into my checking account?”

The question is not as simple as it appears – that’s why people ask it. They’re not asking about the mechanics of a 401(k) withdrawal. They want to understand the switch from saving to spending, and it’s an entire cascade of questions covering how to decumulate assets in retirement. These include:

• When should I take social security?
• How can I ensure I’ll have enough income for my needs?
• How can I invest for growth without taking too much risk?
• What about taxes?

Planning for the Five Big Tax Challenges in Retirement

Planning for the Five Big Tax Challenges in Retirement

Creating a retirement paycheck that generates the income you need while keeping you in the lowest possible tax bracket isn’t as easy as it seems. All the planning you did while working – like saving retirement funds in tax-deferred accounts and diversifying by purchasing a second home, can turn into tax bombs as you move through retirement.

The consequences of higher income aren’t limited to a bigger tax bill – they can also include expensive Medicare surcharges.

What’s the solution?

Do You Need a Budget in Retirement?

Do You Need a Budget in Retirement?

You saved diligently, invested carefully, and now you have a sizeable nest egg that can most likely replace 80% of your pre-retirement income. Why should you go through the tiresome process of creating a budget?

College Planning Resource Videos

College Pre-Approval

College Pre Approval in Action

EFC and Financial Aid Eligibility

Retirement Planning Resource Videos

Benefits of Saving Early

Life Expectancy Probabilities

The Retirement Equation

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At University Financial Strategies our mission is to help families think beyond just saving for college, but helping leverage strategies that leverage your unique situation to help you save on college costs. We take into consideration topics like specialized college-planning strategies for business owners, planning for financial aid, school-specific scholarships, coordinating college planning with grandparents, cash-flow strategies and options for covering shortfalls, to name just a few.


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