At University Financial Strategies, LLC. our advisors offer FEE Only services and specialize in helping individuals, and families address the financial issues that arise throughout life. Our mission is to facilitate financial wellness for people and help them to plan for and create the life they want to live free from anxiety about money.

University Financial Strategies, LLC. offers prospective clients a variety of financial planning options, from Focused Financial Sessions to Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning. In addition, we can help with a Portfolio Review and College Planning Services.   Because everyone’s situation may be unique the cost of your service will depend upon the specifics of your circumstance and may be higher or lower than these examples.  Please take note of the Services We Do Not Provide and learn more about CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ 



No charge – This is an opportunity to exchange information about your needs and objectives, further discuss which of our services might be right for you, and to provide you an estimate of the cost of our services.  We are not working on commissions and as Independent Firm we are not obligated to sell any specific products.  If you choose to use our services, we will provide a list of additional information that we will need to begin and we will provide a written quote listing the services provided and costs.



For people who do not have a financial plan and would like to start proactively planning for their family’s financial future and/or are about to experience a life event (ex. changing jobs, moving or retirement) that warrants a new plan.

You Will Receive:

  • One two-hour intake session
  • Follow-up meetings/phone calls to clarify information
  • Your comprehensive and actionable personal financial plan
  • One Session to discuss the plan in detail and create accountability for action
  • Personalized 60-minute coaching sessions to support you successfully implementing your plan
Meetings may be in person or over the phone. Coaching sessions must be completed within the year following the date of delivery of the plan.  Cost – fees typically range from $2,400 to $6,000.




Your comprehensive plan will address all areas of your financial life. We have listed many, but not all, of the questions that expectant parents and young families face.


Income Planning

  • Do you make enough money to support your goals?
  • Are you shifting from two incomes to one?
  • Do you fall short each month or come out ahead?
  • What should you do with your excess cash?

Expense Management

  • Do you know how much money you are spending each month?
  • Do you have enough money in an Emergency Fund?
  • Will you have to support your parents as they age?
  • Are you spending too much or can you increase your standard of living?

Tax Planning

  • How will having a child affect your taxes?
  • Are there tax advantages you are failing to take advantage of?

Estate Planning

  • Do you need a will or a trust, or both?
  • How much life insurance do you need?
  • Do you have Powers of Attorney?
  • How should your assets be titled?


  • How do you decide where to allocate investment money each month?
  • How are your investments performing?
  • What is your investment strategy given your goals?
  • When should you start saving for college?
  • How do you coordinate College Savings and Financial Aid?
  • What is your strategy if you are unable to manage your assets given incapacity?
  • How much money do you need when you retire?

Employee  Benefits

  • What benefits make sense to use?
  • How to utilize a Health Savings Account?
  • For the self-employed and stay-at-home parents, what are your options?


  • Is your current insurance coverage still adequate?
  • How much protection do you need?
  • Should you have disability insurance?
  • Do you need an umbrella policy?

Debt Management

  • How do you prioritize your debt payments on your credit cards?
  • How should you use credit?


  • Should you rent or own?
  • How do you pay for a larger home?
  • Is it time to refinance?
  • How much can you afford to spend?

How to plan for the fun things in life?

  • What are you doing to enjoy your life?
  • How much will you need for the next big vacation?



For people who feel the pressure of making ends meet or want to zero in on their day-to-day income and expense management.

This service will help you:

  • Know where you really are right now with finances.
  • Simplify the money tracking system that will work for your family.
  • Stay on track and create new saving and spending habits.
  • Prioritize debt repayments to pay back debt at the right pace for you.
  • Save toward important goals.
  • Spend money without guilt.

Changing behaviors around saving and spending money is extremely challenging. With all of the temptations of purchasing in your daily routine, it gets tricky to do anything without feeling like there is a hole in your wallet. Making a shift in behavior takes weeks—at least a month—and having an unbiased support person along the way makes all of the difference in obtaining the shift.

This program is structured so you have frequent contact with your financial planner and coach throughout the first 6 weeks to help ensure you make the changes you want.

Focused Financial Wellness includes:

  • Access to your own Personal Financial Portal which will help you step by step in identifying your goals while providing a simple and easy way to track and organize your finances.
  • One intake session to assess your styles and values, discuss obstacles you face, and create goals.
  • Your Focused Financial Plan complete with Situation Analysis, Recommendations, and Action Steps.
  • Two 30-minute check-in calls over 6 weeks to keep you on track.
  • Email accessibility for quick resolution challenges and answers.
  • One follow up session after the first 6 weeks to debrief, make adjustments and set on-going  goals.



Advice for self-directed investors or second opinions on managed accounts. Cost – fees typically range from $750 to $1,800 for the initial review and recommendations.  Payment arrangements can be managed as we don’t want this to be a barrier to planning.  Commissions are not earned on the planning we provide so we can be transparent in how we get paid and how you are charged.  We look at ALL of your accounts and determine the best strategy for your whole portfolio based on diversification, taxation, and expenses. We provide an analysis for you to implement on your own through a discount broker of your choice.

  • Time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Asset allocation/Diversification
  • 401(k)/403(b)/TSP accounts
  • IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Non-retirement accounts

*Note: Complex investment portfolios with numerous unique holdings, annuities and/or proprietary investments may require more work than a typical fee range may allow.



Since the field of Financial Planning has a variety of types of professionals, we have found it is helpful to outline specifically what we do NOT do as part of our process.

  • We do not judge where you have been or what decisions you have made in the past. We focuson the future and what you want out of your life. We create a plan and provide the accountability you need to reach those goals.
  • We do not tell you what you can and cannot purchase. You are in charge of your spending decisions, and we provide a framework for you to make those decisions in line with your personal goals.
  • We do not prepare tax returns or provide tax code interpretation. We give overall tax strategy and related advice which should be discussed in detail with your CPA or Tax Advisor.
  • We do not write wills, prepare trust documents, or draw up Powers of Attorney documents. Please consult an estate planning attorney to have these documents prepared.
  • We will be delighted to provide referrals if our services do not match your current needs. Just

Take Control of your finances today.  Click here for this free tool to see how much need to fund your goals.


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