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Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of your current financial status along with plan to serve as a solid foundation moving forward into the future.  These are our most common ways we help clients, but a customized solution may be available as well. Financial Coaching is usually based on hourly rate and is focused on guiding clients through the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps.

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College Pre-Approval

Student Loan debt is more than $1.6 Trillion and growing leaving Families and Students drowning in debt.  Our College affordability assessment  for one student helps streamline the process of how to pay for college so you can see side by side all of the schools on your students list.  We guide you to be an informed consumer of a college education with the idea of helping you lower the cost of tuition and minimizing student loan debt through advance planning.

Ideal for high school students who have a standardized test score (ACT/SAT) and a list of colleges. Parents only want the best for their children and before they think about Retirement they are often challenged to figure out how to pay for college. The loans parents now take are robbing them of dollars needed for retirement while students are delaying life events due to their own debt.

A 90-minute “power session” (some pre-work required by the client)

$499 for College Pre-Approval only or included in Comprehensive Planning

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Investment Only

Focused on Investments Only without Financial Planning.  Managed either through a Custody relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional or FeeX for 401k Management.  When it comes to investing, it is natural that your emotions can get in the way. It’s human nature to overthink, overreact, and, at times, be overwhelmed.  We use a Quanitative Risk Assessment to identify an appropriate Portfolio so you can invest fearlessly.

Ideal for anyone who does not have the knowledge or time and wants to delegate investment management to a professional.  We can help by making sure you stay on track for retirement or paying for college.  Through an assessment of your comfort level we ensure your investments are in the right place at the right times.

2. Choice of Management either through a Custody relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional or FeeX for 401k Management. 

Account Value

Annual Advisory Fee

$0 – $150,000


$150,001 – $250,000


$250,001 – $500,000


$500,001 – $1,000,000


$1,000,001 – $3,000,000


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Comprehensive Planning

Combines Investment Management and Financial Planning into a Holistic Package.   Ongoing comprehensive planning advice, covering all areas of personal finance, with a regular schedule of progress meetings.  

Ideal for those who want to continuously collaborate on financial planning, ideas, delegate investment management to a professional, and have an accountability partner to stay on track toward goals.

  • Progress meetings at least every 6 months
  • Retirement and College focus sessions
  • Ad hoc planning meetings as needed for life & financial transitions also included.

$2,500 annual minimum*
Based on Assets Under Management of $250,000 at 1%

Alternatively the Fee can be paid out of pocket starting at annual rate paid monthly of $210 month to meet minimum.  We waive the Monthly Fee for Planning if Asset Minimum is met so you only pay one fee.  See Pricing for Investment Management Service above. Onboarding Fee may apply.

Financial Planning 

Services Included

Client Planning Portal

401k & 403b Fund Recommendations

Net Worth Statement

Emergency Fund Recommendation

Retirement Planning

Asset Allocation Selection

Plan Stress Testing (Monte Carlo)

Social Security Modeling

Medicare Cost Planning

Next Steps & Planning Prioritization

Debt Management Decisions

Employer Benefits Advice

HSA Funding

Goal Creation & Timeline

Social Security Elections & Timing

Pension Elections & Timing

Goal Progress Tracking

College Pre-Approval

Investment Only

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Management

Services Included

Investment Policy Statement

Account Setup & Transfer Support

Low-cost Institutional Funds

Rules-based Rebalancing

Asset Location Tax Strategy

Investment Performance Reporting

Quanitative Analysis Riskalyze Score

Capital Gain/Loss Harvesting

Tax-Efficient Distributions

RMD Execution


Access to Trust Services

College Pre-Approval

Investment Only

Comprehensive Financial Planning


Services Included

College Pre-Approval™ Budget

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Net Cost Projections (for each college)

Need-based Aid Enhancement Ideas

Merit-based Aid Enhancement Ideas

Student Loan Projections

College Funding Gap Analysis

College Savings Strategies

529 Plan Advice

Guidance on Financial Aid Forms Filing 

Student Award Analysis & Appeals

College Pre-Approval

Investment Only

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Advanced Planning 

Services Included

Income Tax Planning

Life Insurance Analysis

Disability Insurance Analysis

Long-Term Care Insurance Analysis

Employee Stock & Options Planning

Annuity Planning (existing only)

Charitable Giving

Estate Planning

Business Owner Planning

Budget & Cash Flow Management

College Pre-Approval

Investment Only 

Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Would You Like Help Creating A Plan For Your Child's College Fund Or Your Own Retirement Needs?

We Help Families & Individuals Create Financial Plans For Success.

Mark Kelly, Certified Fee-Only Raleigh Financial Planner™

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At University Financial Strategies our mission is to help families think beyond just saving for college, but helping leverage strategies that leverage your unique situation to help you save on college costs. We take into consideration topics like specialized college-planning strategies for business owners, planning for financial aid, school-specific scholarships, coordinating college planning with grandparents, cash-flow strategies and options for covering shortfalls, to name just a few.


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