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Let’s build a plan that works for YOU one Baby Step at a time

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Fee Only Raleigh Financial Advisor we serve and empower clients by guiding them through many of the life events they face. Knowledge is power and leveraging Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Step Process we can help you undestand where you are in your journey and provide a clear path to Financial Freedom and success.   

Our Approach

Our proven workflow

When it comes to investing and money, emotions can imact your goals. Overthinking, overreacting, and feeling overwhelmed are common which is why we use a Baby Step process to guide you and help you take action.

As trusted Raleigh Financial Advisors and Fee-Only Financial Planner, our mission is to empower you one step at a time.

Our hassle-free and convenient services allow you to work with us from the comfort of your home or office. With meetings conducted via Zoom, we provide timely information for smarter financial decisions. Our goal is to remove obstacles that hindered your progress in the past.


At University Financial Strategies, we aim to revolutionize your financial success by thoroughly analyzing your wealth.

We carefully assess all your assets across different account types, review your cash flows, and examine your tax return. Our objective is to help you coordinate various aspects of your wealth, providing you with comprehensive strategies for financial growth and stability.


Embark on a transformative journey towards financial empowerment with University Financial Strategies.

Our personalized planning services guide you towards your desired destination of financial success, leaving behind limited time and knowledge. With informed decision-making tools, we equip you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 


Invest with confidence and peace of mind. Discover if your investments align with your goals, grasp the intricacies of asset management and tax implications, and let go of financial worries. Our personalized portfolio empowers you to prioritize what truly matters. Take charge of your financial future today with our expert guidance.

Focused on Risk First

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

Did you know humans are twice as concerned about avoiding losses than they are about achieving gains?

When it comes to investing, it is natural for your emotions to get in the way. It’s human nature to overthink, overreact, and, at times, be overwhelmed.  Whether it was the Pandemic or a banking crisis it seems something is always creating fear for the average investor.

As an Independent Financial Advisor, University Financial Strategies serves as an emotional circuit breaker so you don’t abandon a well-thought-out plan. That helps give you the best chance for reaching your goals, instead of letting human nature get the best of you.

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Full Service Financial Planning

Is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Better?  We believe in Real Financial Planning created for your unique needs.  Our Plans are created to provide actionable advise based on your best interest and not to sell you a investment product you don’t need.   

As a Raleigh Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, we believe in the Fiduciary Standard and never earn commissions or kickbacks as we are Fee Only.  

Fiduciary- Under oath and law to put your best interest first at all times.   This is the highest legal and ethical standard for financial advisors.

Independent- Not affiliated with any life insurance company, annuity product, bank, or brokerage house.   

Wealth Management

Combines Investment Management, Financial Planning and Tax Planning into a Holistic Package.

Ongoing comprehensive customized planning advice, covering all areas of personal finance, with a regular schedule of progress meetings with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. 

Tax Planning

Our goal is to give you information so you can make the most informed decision. Most guidance stays in a “single lane” of focus(maybe just Retirement) ignoring the complexities of a person’s unique financial situation. How will that large tuition bill for a Child’s College impact your Retirement?  Have you ever thought about how Tax Planning(NOT Tax Preparation) impacts both Retirement and College Funding?  These are just a few of the questions we will work with you to answer.   


Did you know human beings are twice as concerned about avoiding losses than they are about achieving potential gains? 

This is why humans tend to sabotage their own investing.   This is the real cost people never think about.  We help solve this by building you a customized portfolio designed for your comfort level and needs coordinated across all of your accounts including your company retirement plan.

Financial Coaching

If you want to win with money, you need a plan that works. Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps work because it is a clear path to know where you are and where you are headed next.

It is not a simple fix to making you wealthy, but we believe people need a coach to help them stay focused on achieving the Financial Freedom they deserve.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been practicing?

I have been working in the financial services industry since 1992.  As part of any relationship we provide disclosures about our services and experience at the start of our relationship.

Are you a fiduciary fee-only advisor?

Yes! And if you’re not sure what that means, you can read about fee-only advising here.

Where is my money held if I work with you?

I work with two custodians: Schwab and Altruist. You will have full online access and a mobile app to access your accounts. Your money will be held with one or both of those custodians at all times.  In addition I can help with your 401k through a service called Pontera to help you coordinate all of your wealth to work for you.

What if I decide to stop working with you? How do I transfer my money?

While I certainly want to invest in long-term relationships with my clients, you are always in control of your money. Your money is held with a standard custodian and you have the option to stop working with me any time and you can continue to access your money or move it wherever you want.  With Pontera the money never leaves your Retirement Plan.

How much does it cost to work with you?

We believe in charging reasonable rates for what we do so most  clients work with based on the amount of assets I manage for them.   Please review Services and Pricing for details.

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At University Financial Strategies our mission is to help families think beyond just saving for college, but helping leverage strategies that leverage your unique situation to help you save on college costs. We take into consideration topics like specialized college-planning strategies for business owners, planning for financial aid, school-specific scholarships, coordinating college planning with grandparents, cash-flow strategies and options for covering shortfalls, to name just a few.


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